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Sleep Appliances

Good News!

Dream Dental Group is now offering treatment for snoring and obstructive sleep apnea through
the use of custom-made oral appliances. Dr. Patrick Qatsha has benefited from the use of
these comfortable and life changing appliances himself for over a decade and now wants to
help your family! Through our partnership with a well-respected medical billing company that
specializes in billing for sleep apnea treatments, we can now maximize medical coverage to get
a large portion of these appliances covered. If you haven't had a formal sleep study yet, we also
have a list of well respected sleep physicians in the area that can help with home or office sleep
Sleep apnea not only causes daytime fatigue, it is shown to increase the risk of high blood
pressure, type II diabetes and a multitude of other health problems. Untreated sleep apnea can
take years off your life. Don't wait to seek help and treatment! Call us today to schedule a free
consultation to learn more about this effective and often life changing treatment.

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